Thursday, June 14, 2007

So, You Want An Xbox 360 Elite For Free?

Don't leave yet. You can really get a free Xbox 360 Elite if you just read my helpful hints. If you're proactive in only a few days you can have your own Xbox 360 Elite for free. You could pay $480 and buy one from a store or you could try it my way and get it for much, much less. It's your choice.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite is the latest version of the hit Xbox 360 console from Microsoft. It's decked out in all black, sports a 120GB Hard Drive, and a new HDMI output for a 1080p image only matched by the Sony PlayStation 3.

But, you want to know how to get it free?

Well, Transcendent Innovations is willing to give you a Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite for free, all you have to do is sign up here: 360EliteForFree

Once you've signed up you need to complete one offer and get friends to do the same for you. Once you've acquired the necessary referrals to claim your prize Transcendent Innovations (also known as Trainn) will send it off to you, permitting all your referrals check out.

Free Xbox 360 Elite

Want Your Own Referrals Free?

I have added a feature where you can sign up for the TraInn site above and once you have completed an offer and been credited you may enter the monthly drawing to get your link advertised on this blog for one week, so that you can be on your own way to getting a 360 Elite for free like mine. Just fill out the entry form below:

Please fill out my form.

What's the Catch?

Well, there really is none. You sign up for a trial offer (in most cases) for something from a perfectly legitimate company like Netflix, GameFly, Blockbuster, or other such reputable company. Once you complete the offer you will receive credit for it, in many cases the credit is instant, in others it may take up to a week. Now, all you have to do is get 10-13 others to sign up for a similar offer and when everyone is complete, Trainn will send you your prize. If you choose to, you can even collect cash in place of a system. Keep in mind to read the terms and conditions of any and all offers before signing up. If you pick one of the easier offers you can either get your Xbox 360 Elite system for free or for practically free.

As long as you don't try to pull a fast one on Trainn you should have no problem getting your free Xbox 360 Elite. In other words don't enter fake information, don't try to sign up for an offer more than once, don't have friends use your computer or sign up from your own computer, etc. This is probably easier than it sounds, but some people think they're smarter than these companies and that's where they go wrong.

What Are Some Of The Easier Offers?

Well, some of the easier offers are,,, and are the easiest and you'll probably feel most comfortable using their services rather than some of the others, but by all means sign up for something you might actually be interested in be that movie rentals, printer ink, or a newspaper subscription. Personally, I went with GameFly, I rented a game and am happy with their prompt service, so now I can rent games for my Xbox 360 as soon as they're released.

Be Cautioned

Be sure to keep track of every offer that you've completed on these various sites. You can lose your account if you sign up for something a second time so you'll need to keep some sort of record of the offers you've done. Try using the Google Spreadsheet generator in Google Documents if you've got a Gmail account. Also, be very sure to keep track of every email they send you both for activation purposes as well as cancellation purposes if you choose to cancel for whatever reason. In case you don't get credit for an offer you will need a copy of that activation email to send for a manual credit request (it happens on occasion, but they're very quick about it).

Now Get Out There And Tell A Friend!

The easiest way to do sites like these is through friends and family. Tell everyone you know, especially gamers, they're very finnicky people and would much rather spend any money they have on games rather than a game system. One easy way to get friends to sign up would be to tell them about this site and have them complete an offer than tell them to sign up for a site like where you will return the favor. Once you've completed all your necessary steps be sure to let me know how it went, send me pictures of your new gaming system. If you've got any further questions or comments be sure to leave them here and I'll try to answer them as best as I can. Good luck.

Now go get your free Xbox 360 Elite

Would you like me to advertise your link above? If you sign up under me and complete an offer I will in turn advertise your link for one week here. All you need to do is complete your one offer and email me letting me know that you have gone "green" (your status changes literally from a red font stating "offer done: NO" to "YES" in green) and I will change the above link to your own for one week.

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee you any referrals, but I can try to send sign ups your way. It's better than doing nothing. It's free advertisement for you and a bonus if/when you can manage to get people to sign up.

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